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Our process

Craftsmanship in cashmere

Creating heirloom-quality cashmere yarn demands care and craftsmanship at every stage. Considering knitting performance, feel, pilling and lifespan.


We check, double-check and triple-check every batch of raw fibre

We check, double-check and triple-check every batch of raw fibre; it’s sorted and dehaired, then quality-checked for micron, length, whiteness, and impurities.

The fibre is checked once more when it arrives at our mill – only fibre that meets our strict criteria at every stage makes it into our dye house. The yarn is also inspected at every stage of the production process, with each batch uniquely identifiable and traceable from fibre lot to cone.

Only by doing this can we be sure about our characteristic yarn quality.

Water and dyeing

Our mill is on the banks of Loch Leven, and for good reason: the water’s natural purity and softness helps to open up the cashmere fibres, resulting in wonderfully consistent colour, and the Todd & Duncan handle for which we are renowned.

We dye our fibre before it’s spun – a gentle process that gives a superior colour result and finished handle.

Our dyes are environmentally friendly, so the water we use can be cleaned and returned to Loch Leven once dyeing is complete.


Our melanges and solid colours
are world-renowned

The secret lies in our meticulous blending. Nothing here is automatic; we watch every individual fibre, and manually adjust our specially-designed machines to create the exact colour and character you have in mind.


Here, our yarns truly come alive, with each roller covered with our custom specification of card wire in order to maintain the integrity of the precious fibre.

This time-intensive stage is designed to get the very best from the fibre and the colour, and achieve an exceptionally high level of card slubbing.

Spinning, winding and twisting

Traditional methods give superior results.

In the 1950s, we perfected them, to produce the consistently high-quality yarn for which we are known.

All our yarns are spun on modern mules. This means long draws for a more level yarn during spinning. Compared to the alternatives, it’s a slow process, but yields an exceptionally rounded and voluminous yarn.