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New Colours - New Yarns


SS | 2025 is a parallel universe of ideas – inspiration stretches from ground breaking AI visual artists to Wild Clay Ceramic creators, all influencing Todd & Duncan’s colour and yarn collection this season.


COLOUR – We’ve had a beady eye on AI visual artists Jonas Peterson and Al Hilke, whose thought provoking images with idiosyncratic compositions in an array of colours, challenge our perceptions of reality – this collides with the work of renowned painter and colour theorist Josef Albers and his fascination with colour relationships. We jolt back to the real world with ceramicists featured in the book Wild Clay, who work meticulously with local raw materials creating palettes of colour to chromatic precision.

STRUCTURES - This season has led to experimental, eclectic and creative knits developed across gauges in a range of knit techniques. Antique inspired lace and voluminous tuck stitches are inspired by AI artists and put in to play with fun, high-definition, geometric patterns inspired by Josef Albers ‘Homage to the Square’ paintings. Add to the mix the elevated three colour graphic jacquard panels on display at Pitti Filati, inspired by installation artist Leonor Antunes’s and her exploration of traditional craft techniques.

Favourites - Colour & Yarn


Our three page cashmere colour card has a light touch and freshness about it this summer. The new colours have a chromatic cohesion bringing a softer gentler intensity to the stories. This calmness in lights, mid-tones and darks alongside popping brights makes for a super special range this season.

Spot the new summer-black Manganese, a key colour with Tallow & Suede.

100% Cashmere - 2/28Nm

18 New colours presented in our Cashmere Colour card.


A re-look at linens - with a new colourful variegated linen component twisted together with cashmere adds a blush of colour. Combined with softer tones in Cashmere the linen gives a touch of intrigue to each shade. A great spring-weight yarn for 12ndle & 8ndle knits.

52% Linen / 48% Cashmere – 2/27Nm

24 new colours presented in our new Linen Blush card


Take time to study Luxe Soft – A neat group of new tinted whites that ooze luxury. Each shade has a ‘Luxe Tint’ colour twisted through it, giving a relaxed look with a hint of sportiness. Ideal for 5ndle knits.

100% Cashmere - 1/5.6Nm

12 colours presented in the Luxe Tints colour card.

Look Up


The new collection will be online in January so take some time to sample the Collection page to get an overview of the products profiled here. Also check out the Shade Cards page to see our new SS2025 digital colour cards.

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We will be at Pitti Filati in the Fortezza da Basso, stand H10-12 Piano Terra, and look forward to seeing you there!

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Updated: 18th January 2024