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Spring Summer 2025

Fresh Summer Colours

Cashmere Colours

Our new Cashmere colours have a light touch and freshness this summer. The new colours have a chromatic cohesion bringing a softer gentler intensity to the stories. This calmness in lights, mid-tones and darks alongside popping brights makes for a super special range this season.

Cashmere Colours

Luxurious Pastel Shades

Luxe Soft & Luxe Tints

A neat group of new tinted whites that ooze luxury.
Each shade has a ‘Luxe Tint’ colour twisted through it,
giving a relaxed look with a hint of sportiness.

Luxe Soft

Variegated Summer Linen

Linen Blush

A new colourful variegated linen component twisted together with cashmere adding a blush of colour. Combined with softer tones in Cashmere the linen gives a touch of intrigue to each shade.

Linen Blush

So with this bright, lively and energised collection, we wish you a moment of calm and quietness, to be inspired and spend time getting to know the range.

Best Wishes, Todd & Duncan Studio

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