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AUTUMN | WINTER 2025 | 2026



AW25|26 is an exploration into Scotland’s geographical past both at home and further afield, creating a new visual direction for Todd & Duncan, wrapping the collection in our heritage as the Iconic Cashmere spinner.

INFLUENCES – We followed our creative antennae this season, picking up influences on the way from small rock samples inspired by Scotland’s geological history, whilst casting our eye over two artists Zarina Hasmi and Per Adolfsen. Zarina’s varied and thought provoking paperworks inspire the less-is-more ethos with repeat motifs and patterns to the fore. Similarly Per’s work is about observing and recording the natural world, using the simplest tool to create elaborate colour stories with pencil markings. It is this mark-making that T&D pick up on and interpret through knit and colour.

COLOUR – is where we communicate this seasons energy, and it has lead us through various fissures, culminating in a rare collection of Earth Tones presented for AW25|26. Alongside these are the top-up palette of influential cashmere colours, all updated and re-imagined throughout the collection, for our keen followers looking out for the latest interpretations.

TEXTURES – With a tight tonal palette holding the collection together, we looked up-close at mark-making techniques to develop unique tuck, plain & pearl knit stitches, working across counts and gauges. Swatches are shown in one colour to let the yarns shine, but each structure can move with ease into two-colour patterns, or into intarsias & jacquards to pick up this season’s graphical elements.



A unique collection of Earth Tone colours inspired by small rock samples collected and studied in detail, create this 1st edition of beautifully crafted Cashmere melanges. These colours masterfully combine an understated luxury, whilst creating great visual intrigue with close colours blended together, to capture subtle tone-on-tone harmonies that are a truly immersive experience.


This exciting new yarn sits in our Superfine Lamb’s Wool collection. An unexpected synergy created between Superfine Lamb’s Wool and linen twisted together, makes Forager an intriguing proposition to work with. The subtle vibrancy of the linen gives tonal interest to the softer aspects of the Lamb’s Wool. These two very different fibres really look at home together and work beautifully on the 8ndle.

85% Superfine Lamb’s Wool / 15% Linen - 3/18Nm - 45 New colours presented in Forager card


The new slub colour card is dedicated to solid shades, all specially hand-picked to show off the unique textural properties of this remarkable yarn. There are a myriad of options to develop personalised colours and yarn combinations. This season we focus on three, all the same weight to knit on 8ndle, each delivering variety through fibre composition.

Bute - 100% Cashmere - 3/14Nm | Cheviot -100% Superfine Lamb’s Wool - 2/9Nm

Faroe - 66% Superfine Lamb’s Wool / 34% Cashmere - 3/14Nm

18 Colours presented in Slub Colours card

Spotlight New – CASHMERE | DENIM

T&D’s Cashmere Denim Colours, celebrate 10 years since their launch. Universally recognised as the knitwear’s go-to Denim melanges, they constantly evolve to match the insatiable interest in Denim. Our quest is to find new Denim-inspired blues across the tonal spectrum that are versatile and easy to use in any collection.

100% Cashmere - 2/28Nm - 15 colours presented in Cashmere Denim Colours card


NEW PRESENTATION – We have a new presentation for the AW25|26 collection, to enhance our renowned curation of colours & yarns. With easy-to-use formats and directionally designed elements within each card, this is the season to get involved.

PITTI FILATI – We launch our new visual identity at Pitti Filati, capturing all the influential elements of the Todd & Duncan brand. You can find us in the same spot in the Fortezza da Basso, stand H10-12 Piano Terra from 25th – 27th June. We look forward to sharing this space and season with you.


Updated: 21st June 2024