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AW 2023-24


Comunicato stampa in italiano

A Riot of Colour


At Todd & Duncan our winter collection is a collision of the natural and imaginary worlds, opening pathways for intriguing colour clashes and harmonies underlying a connectivity and beauty found in both.

A dreamlike state is the place to view the colour and knitwear world for this season, we stopped to take a look at images and ideas by artists Nicholas Party, Sarah Giannobile, along with jewellery designer Mariko Kusumoto, all who have an intense, mesmerising and thought provoking way of working with colour, texture, shape and form.

With this backdrop and with our roots firmly in cashmere, we wanted to highlight our five most treasured artefacts in our portfolio. The new rising stars are Luxe Tints and Signature Twists, complementing our influential Cashmere palette, Winter Marls and Cashmere Naturals cards. The common thread running through all five is they are built from our renowned 2/28nm Cashmere yarn, which enables this incredible flexibility and extensive colour choice for everyone to enjoy.

This Season's Winter Wonders to watch out for...


Our new curated collection of 12 delicate winter pastels. These colours have great environmental credentials to match their serious luxury status.

They are pastel perfection and a return to true luxury, with a slight retro twist and nod to knits from another era, they are super-easy to work with as a group, and as a highlight giving colour tenderness to any collection.

Made with 100% cashmere fibre certified by the Good Cashmere Standard (GCS), this special group of colours only use a small percentage of dyestuff for every kilo of yarn made, which in turn produces less waste in the production process. Another added bonus is each colour takes less time to make and uses less energy through the mill. A great profile.

100% Cashmere 2/28Nm - 12 colours presented within the new Luxe Tints shade card.


The new cashmere colours have a surprising intensity this winter, with a heady
mix of confident brights, brazen and bold like Fuchsia, Crimson, Red Ribbon, Neon, Cricket and Mural; to darker shadowed tones like Dandy, Drill Grey, Fake Ash and Arbour, fluid and versatile. Balance these with Bijou, Heather, Shearwater and Studio Blue to create a more relaxed luxury palette. It is also worth a mention to re-visit the essential classics shown at the heart of our range, look for the distilled cool blues and the warm rusts and browns.

100% Cashmere - 2/28nm – 18 new colours presented in the Cashmere Colours card of 180 colours.


Not to be ignored this season is the interest in big volume knits, and this mini
group of stunning soft colour combinations lend themselves to this look in spades. Utilising the signature melange colours with their unique colour handwriting, these 12 marled colour combos offer a chance to create an eclectic pretty group of multiplies, easy to drop in to any knit collection.

100% Cashmere - 6/28nm – 12 new colour twists presented in the Signature Melanges card.

Where to go and what to look out for...


The success of our new digital experience online continues to make it easy for you to find the new stories about the AW23-24 collection, and revisit archive seasons too.

Take a look at our new AW23-24 collection by clicking on AW 2023 Collection page. The shade card collection will be live at the beginning of July, so click here and log in.

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Good News - we are back at the Fortezza da Basso, in the same location H10-12 Piano Terra. We look forward to seeing you there!

Best Wishes - Todd & Duncan Studio

Updated: June 27th 2022