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SS 2023


Comunicato stampa in italiano

A Re-Calibration of Colour


This season we shape our thoughts around travels, exploration and new interests, close to home or further afield. A romanticism to adventures past with a retro nostalgic feel. A sense of escapism is found perusing old maps, picture postcards and film imagery. Keepsakes and travel mementos give rise to new ideas.

With an optimism to future experiences, and a carefree attitude and desire to enjoy new encounters, we allowed this mind-set to transcend across the colour palettes creating an energised, versatile collection of re-calibrated new colours. There is an eclectic, bright and vibrant spirit, interspersed with a quietness throughout.

New interests emerge and studies start, inspired by the natural world. With the illustrators perspective in mind, we cast an eye over old lepidoptery books for stitch ideas translated in to knits across the gauges.

This Season's hot topics to talk about...


A new season, a new presentation - the perfect time to create a special and memorable encounter. A new larger format card, gives a closer and more immersive experience. A keepsake not to be missed.

Overall colour impression is fresh, bright, vibrant and eclectic, with an underlying calm.

100% Cashmere - 2/28nm – 18 new colours presented alongside 12 colour friends in the Cashmere card


A great new range of bright energised 2-colour twists. A touch of hedonistic colouring is super important this season, and is a great alternative to our ‘Nest Egg’ natural marls.

Close combinations in the lights and brights, balanced with a family of contrast colour combos, make this a fun range to work with. All are stunners when knitted up in fine gauge or multiplied for mid-gauge knits.

100% Cashmere - 2/28nm – 27 new colours presented in the Cashmere card


This season we are shining the spot-light on the cotton blends. A range of 8 cotton qualities, all easy-to-use across the gauges, with a comprehensive colour palette. Great new classics, look out for Jungle and Vintage Vicuna, alongside the new Spring colours. It is apt to re-engage with this these versatile yarns, as they are all ideal for summer collections.

All qualities presented in the Cotton Cashmere card - 72 Colours + 6 Cotton Naturals

Where to go...


This season we wanted to give you a more tailored digital experience of the SS/ 2023 collection, so you have easy access to what you need.

We recommend you view the new shade card collection by logging in here, and then enjoy browsing the new season visual references by clicking on our SS 2023 Collection page. There are also quick links through to previous shade card and colour collections.

If you wish to receive press images, or to join our Press mailing list, please get in touch with us via email pressoffice@todd-duncan.co.uk . We look forward to hearing from you.


Finally a brief update about our attendance at Pitti Filati last week, at Stazione Leopolda, Firenze. It was great to be back and a bonus to catch up with many friends and colleagues in the textile and fashion industry. We had fantastic feedback on the new colour collection, so are now busy packing and posting out the shadecards.

Best Wishes - Todd & Duncan Studio

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Updated: February 10th 2022