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Spring Summer 2022

New Summer Colours

Cashmere Colours

The new colours are tangible, real and a joy to work with. They capture the naturalistic spirit of the new summer season. To top this off, the discerning eye can take a closer look at each colour in our ‘Colour Tasting Notes’ below. A light-hearted insight into the elusive colour names!

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New Undyed Linen & Silk

Eri Silk Naturals

Two new undyed blends, created to satisfy the ongoing interest for lightweight undyed Summer yarns.

Calathea Naturals – an unusual twisted linen blend with undyed cashmere. Specially sourced linen yarn grown from heritage seed.

Eri Silk Naturals - a fine slubby shantung effect yarn, made with a natural coloured ‘red eri’ silk from silkworms fed on Ficus Citrifolia leaf, twisted with undyed cashmere.

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New Repurposed Cashmere

Goose Cashmere

A new ‘Limited Edition’ concept yarn, made of 100% repurposed cashmere. A fun relaxed look to work with in a wide range of multi-colour twists, and an exciting new direction to test and try.

The name gives a nod to Todd & Duncan’s location on Loch Leven, where the renowned nature reserve is home to tens of thousands of migratory pink footed geese and many other bird species.

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Colour Tasting Notes


Built on a backdrop of eclectic concepts, all the new colours evoke an ease and beauty in cashmere this season. To get inspired, read on for our new descriptive hints and insights about each colour in the ‘Colour Tasting Notes’.


Grey green neutral. Glasshouses, inspired by Samuel Zeller images of refracted plants.

Linden Yellow

Fresh zesty yellow. An avenue of lime trees in autumn leaf. Notes of linden flower tea.


Pale melange green. A pastural wildflower, with edible tangy leaves. A natural mordant dye.


Muted flat green. Also inspired by Mackintosh's ‘Willow Tearooms’ and it's naturalistic associations.

Clotted Cream

Summer cream white. From Cornish heritage, a luxurious cream created to preserve milk.


Versatile inert grey. An enigmatic elusive river fish, with name connotations too.


Chalked peach fresco. It has characteristics of crushed, baked, stone-ground earth pigment.

Sea Pink

Pretty fresh pink. A coastal summer flower painted by Mackintosh on Holy Island in Scotland.


Vibrant mid-blue. Borage, is a herb with edible flowers, depicted in Mackintosh's floral watercolours.


Delicate scented lilac. A wildflower, also named Cuckooflower or Lady’s Smock, found on Scottish verges.

Ink Cap

Dark inked blue. An edible & poisonous dark gilled mushroom, as well as a natural ink dye.

Adonis Blue

Bright sky-blue. A rare butterfly in southern UK, the name derives from the conspicuous male.

Briar Rose

Blushed melange pink. An ornamental rose and a hedge rose, with fragrant edible petals and rose hip syrups.


Light ochre natural. Delicious homemade caramelised crunchy cinder toffee morsels.


Soft russet brown. A grass species found in wetlands, and is re-naturalising wildlife habitats.


Sour cherry red. Prized cherries cultivated originally from the wild.

We hope you find inspiration and creativity whilst working with our new colours and qualities capturing the spirit of 2022.

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