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Autumn Winter 2022-23


New Winter Colours

The cashmere palette is rooted in the Classics this season, they are the essence of cashmere and are the colours to be celebrated and invested in this Winter season.

Cashmere Colours

New Heritage Colours

A new gentler colour atmosphere is created with the introduction of the Heritage melange colours, giving this collection a new vibe.

Slub Collection

New Nest Egg Colours

A collection of considered two-colour marls, inspired by nature’s little gems, Birds’ Eggs. Each colour is made from 50% to 90% undyed cashmere fibre, presented in a range of beautiful chromatic colours.

Winter Cashmere Marls

Colour Observations


‘Colour Observations’ was the premise to the beginnings of this season’s colour research and presentation. The realisation has been to bring all the true classic cashmere colours in all shades and tones to the heart of this Winter collection. Products profiled below give an idea of what we have been up to.

New Cashmere Colours

The cashmere palette is rooted in the Classics this season, and to add to the mix there are eighteen new colours with two new melanges, including the perfect grey, Sanderling.

These new colours revolve around some clever neutrals - closely followed by soft eggshell tones - plus brighter colour top-ups worked into blues and greens - lifted by some new warmer tones.

The winter cashmere colours are reassuring and energising this season.

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Winter Cashmere Marls

Inspired by colours from nature’s little gems, Birds’ Eggs, these two-colour marls are made from 50% to 90% undyed cashmere fibre.

This new chromatic range of colours, creates a unique palette to work with, whilst being easier on the conscience as a low-impact yarn.

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Lamaine Marls

Two colour marls in close and contrasting colour combinations. This is a much sought after yarn, so we have extended the range to give you more new colour ideas to work with.

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We are excited to share our thoughts and colour observations with you for AW2022-23. Wishing you all the best with your new Winter collections.

Best Wishes, The Studio

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